Organization Structure

The Trail Maple Leaf Band is a non-profit organization. Managing duties are divided between a Board of Directors elected by the General Membership and in charge of policy setting, fundraising and general administration, and The Bandmaster, appointed by the Board and in charge of operating and conducting the Band. The Board is comprised of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and three Directors. Positions are elected by open vote at the AGM for a two year period with half the Executive elected on alternate years. Terms may be successive. There may be a sub-committee, such as Social Activities, that reports directly to the Board. Several sub-committees such as Uniforms, Website, Library and Equipment Transport report to the Bandmaster who in turn reports to the Board. Positions are voluntary (2016) and members may fill overlapping roles.

The following reporting structure is current for 2017 but is flexible and often subject to change. Positions are volunteer unless otherwise specified.

  General Membership  
    Board Of Directors  
  President (elected) Val
      Vice President (elected) Steve
      Treasurer (elected) Jennifer
      Secretary (elected) Barb
      Directors (elected) Terry, Frank, Kelle
      100th Committe Joseph, Terry, others
      Social Activities Andrea
    Bandmaster (appointed) Joseph
      Equipment Transport As required
        Librarian tbd
        Uniforms & Material Assets Steve
        Webmaster Steve
            Web Designer Dave
          Facebook Val / Barb